Blueprints for Application Migration—These pre-tested tools and solutions that can be applied to the building of cloud-first applications, migrating applications to the cloud and SaaS-enabling applications to an on-demand, consumption-based model. They also enable businesses to deploy SAP solutions to the cloud in both production and non-production environments, with performance verified against the same standards that apply to traditional IT infrastructures.

Blueprints for Optimization of Engineering Processes—These continuous-delivery techniques in cloud-based development efforts drive lean, agile and innovative software/application release cycles, in addition to providing a dynamic operations management framework designed to improve service level agreement (SLA) performance in highly distributed IT landscapes. 


Blueprints for Driving Business Innovation—Our innovation solutions expedite the transition to cloud-based mobile enterprise applications, including mobile device management (essential for bring-your-own-device strategies). They also address the need for modern collaboration solutions targeted at the modern-day millennial workforce and insights from data derived from disparate sources, delivered through cloud-based solutions.