Cloud Assessment Engine—This tool-assisted transformation analytics engine drives identification of optimal cloud strategies through automated discovery of workloads and their attributes, assessments to rate workloads for feasibility, economics and ease of deployment, intelligent capacity estimation for the targeted environment, and a phased cloud migration plan that governs the migration path.

Hybrid Cloud Governance Solution—This enterprise-ready solution addresses security and compliance, performance and availability, cloud automation, and process and policy guidance for the delivery of transparent services across on-premise and cloud-based environments.

Cloud Application Migration Foundry—This structured and repeatable “factory-based” approach to cloud migration adopts best-in-class engineering, operations and migration tools that increase the efficiency and productivity of the migration effort by 10% to 30%.

Hybrid Cloud Management—Powered by Cognizant Cloud360™ a single management layer enables one-click provisioning and automated metrics-driven policies, while offering 360-degree machine analytics.